tab_on5 year old Rita and her comical doggy, Whatsit are the perfect combination! Take a journey into their imaginative and expressive world with these fun stickers.
Sticker Name:Rita & Whatsit
Paid/Free: Paid
Status: Temporary

Rita & Whatsit

tab_on The all-time best selling shojo manga has finally come to LINE! Enter into the beautiful and romantic world of Oscar and Antoinette with these stickers!
Sticker Name:La Rose de Versailles: Global Edition
Paid/Free: Paid
Status: Temporary
Publisher:Ikeda Riyoko Production
Copyright:©Ikeda Riyoko Production

La Rose de Versailles: Global Edition

tab_onThe all-time best selling shojo manga has finally come to LINE! Enter into the beautiful and romantic world of Oscar and Antoinette with these stickers!
Sticker Name:La Rose de Versailles
Paid/Free: Paid
Status: Temporary
Publisher:Ikeda Riyoko Production
Copyright:©Ikeda Riyoko Production

La Rose de Versailles

tab_on “Kaasan Mom's Life" is here on LINE! Mum, dad, Bunji, and Fumi: The whole Kamohara family are here with their wonderful expressions!
Sticker Name:Kaasan Mom's Life
Paid/Free: Paid
Status: 100 Coins
Publisher:Kaasan Mom's Life Production Committee
Copyright:Copyright © RS·MTNSDD

Kaasan Mom's Life

tab_on It's the world famous Smurfs! Let their trademark blue skin, white hats, and funky pants do the talking for you on LINE! You'll fall in love with them for sure.
Sticker Name:The Smurfs
Paid/Free: Paid
Status: 100 Coins
Copyright:© Peyo ­ 2013 ­ Lic. I.M.P.S. (Brussels)

The Smurfs

tab_on Exciting and easy-going old man, “Chicchai Ossan" is finally here! Let him express your feelings for you in a hilarious and eeeeasy-going way!
Sticker Name:Chicchai Ossan
Paid/Free: Paid
Status: 100 Coins
Publisher:UPRIGHT Co., Ltd.
Copyright:Copyright © UPRIGHT

Chicchai Ossan

tab_on Dadaa! The new character from Hot Pepper Gourmet, Peparo is here to play! Feel the spice of everyday life with these stickers! Available until: 22/4/2013
Sticker Name:Hot Pepper Gourmet Peparo
Paid/Free: Paid
Status: 100 Coins
Publisher:Recruit Lifestyle Corporation
Copyright:Copyright © Recruit Lifestyle Corporation

Hot Pepper Gourmet Peparo

tab_on Stickers from No.1 beauty magazine “Biteki” have arrived! These are created by the illustrator of the “Datsuryoku Dojo” series. Available until: 22/4/2013
Sticker Name:Biteki Beauty & Egg Heads
Paid/Free: Free
Status: Temporary
Publisher:Shogakukan Inc.
Copyright:Copyright © Shogakukan Inc.

Biteki Beauty & Egg Heads

tab_on Dragon Ball Z has arrived! To celebrate the release of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods in theatres, these stickers feature characters from Saiyan & Frieza sagas!
Sticker Name:Dragon Ball Z - Saiyan & Frieza Saga
Paid/Free: Paid
Status: 100 Coins
Copyright:Copyright © B/S?F?T

Dragon Ball Z - Saiyan & Frieza Saga

tab_on Born in Kumamoto prefecture, “Kumamon" is here to celebrate the opening of the new Kyushu Bullet Train route. Take a look at all of Kumamon's great expressions!
Sticker Name:Kumamon
Paid/Free: Paid
Status: 100 Coins
Publisher:MEDIASEEK Inc.
Copyright:Copyright © 2010 kumamoto pref. kumamon#6948


tab_on Ado's lovey-dovey sticker collection is now here! Romantic, cute and a little bit sexy too. Perfect for you girls to express your feelings to those guys!
Paid/Free: Paid
Status: 100 coins
Publisher:Neos Corporation
Copyright:Copyright © ADO MIZUMORI


tab_on Look! Bakabon is back, and this time he's brought all the family! Absolutely outrageous and ultra-expressive! Love it!
Sticker Name:The Bakabon Family
Paid/Free: Paid
Status: 100 coins
Publisher:Sony Digital Entertainment
Copyright:Copyright © Fujio Akatsuka

The Bakabon Family

tab_on Straight from JAL's homepage - official character JALION is now on LINE! Look at how his face changes colors just like the sky! Available until: 15/4/2013
Sticker Name:JALION the Cub
Paid/Free: Free
Status: Temporary
Copyright:Copyright © Japan Airlines. All rights reserved.

JALION the Cub

tab_on These popular stickers make their third appearance on LINE! Become friends with the Softbank Official Account to get them FREE! Available until: 15/4/2013
Sticker Name:Siratoke Otousan
Paid/Free: Free
Status: Temporary
Copyright:Copyright © SoftBank

Siratoke Otousan

tab_on Classic musical comedy starring mysterious girl “Nodame” and all her unique friends. Just remember capriccioso (music to be played in a free and lively style)
Sticker Name:Nodame Cantabile
Paid/Free: Paid
Status: 100 coins
Publisher:Kodansha Ltd.
Copyright:Copyright © Tomoko Ninomiya/Kodansha Ltd.

Nodame Cantabile

tab_on Express your emotions with Rakyim and the Gang. Add the Muang Thai Life Official Account and download our Stickers for FREE!! Available until 12/4/2013
Sticker Name:Rakyim and the Gang
Paid/Free: Free
Status: Temporary
Publisher:Muang Thai Life
Copyright:© Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited

Rakyim and the Gang

tab_on It's about time! Sally now stars in her very own sticker set! Ever seen Sally angry? Well you have now! Get these hilarious stickers to impress your friends.
Sticker Name:Sally: Special Edition
Paid/Free: Paid
Status: 100 coins
Copyright:Copyright © LINE Corporation

Sally: Special Edition

tab_onSpice up your conversations with these super cute stickers from the Japan-inspired LA art and design brand, tokidoki!
Sticker Name:tokidoki
Paid/Free: Paid
Status: 100 coins
Publisher:Dream Link Entertainment, Inc.
Copyright:Copyright © TOKIDOKI, LLC


tab_on Professional Sniper - Golgo 13 AKA Duke Togo is here to infiltrate LINE! Features Dave – the weapons specialist as well as clients & many disguises. Get em now!
Sticker Name:GOLGO 13
Paid/Free: Paid
Status: 100 coins
Publisher:Sony Digital/LEED
Copyright:Copyright © Takao Saito / LEED


tab_on This comedy manga series from the 90's is here to make you laugh again! Good for sending & receiving! Watch Taro Yamada's genius flow through in these stickers.
Sticker Name:Chinyuki tarou to yukai na nakamatachi
Paid/Free: Paid
Status: 100 coins
Copyright:© Gataro Man/SHUEISHA

Chinyuki tarou to yukai na nakamatachi

tab_on Join Nissan Innovation & get these 16 cool stickers absolutely free! Perfect for sharing everyday journeys in a sleek & stylish way. Available till 5/4/2013
Sticker Name:Nissan Innovation
Paid/Free: Free
Status: Temporary
Copyright:Copyright © Nissan Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Nissan Innovation

tab_on Sakura Panda is here in trademark pink to brighten up your day! Add the Daimaru Matsuzakaya Official Account & get them free! Available till 8/4/2013
Sticker Name:Sakura Panda
Paid/Free: Free
Status: Temporary
Publisher:Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores Co.Ltd.
Copyright:Copyright © Daimaru Matsuzakaya

Sakura Panda

tab_on What's your favorite flavor? Take a look at these original stickers from Häagen-Dazs. Add the Häagen-Dazs Official Account & get em free-Available till 8/4/2013
Sticker Name:my way Häagen-Dazs
Paid/Free: Free
Status: Temporary
Publisher:Häagen-Dazs Japan, Inc.
Copyright:© Häagen-Dazs Japan,Inc. All Rights Reserved.

my way Häagen-Dazs

tab_on Hi, I'm AZAY Eagle. Enjoy sending my stickers to your friends and family while you chat. Join AZAYfan to get the stickers FREE. Available until 10/4/2013
Sticker Name:AZAY Eagle
Paid/Free: Free
Status: Temporary
Publisher:Allianz Ayudhya
Copyright:Copyright © Allianz Ayudhya Assurance Pcl.

AZAY Eagle

tab_onSuper cool Parappa The Rapper is now on LINE! Artist Rodney has come up with fresh designs, giving Parappa and Master Onion some excellent expressions.
Sticker Name:Parappa The Rapper
Paid/Free: Paid
Status: 100 Coins
Publisher:Interlink Planning Inc./Rodney A. Greenblat
Copyright:Copyright © Rodney Alan Greenblat/I.P.

Parappa The Rapper